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100 things About Me

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100 things about me

1. I speak Tamil, English and little bit Kannada and French.

2. Born and brought up in Chennai and I currently live with my family in Santhoshapuram, Chennai (India).

3. I was born on 15th Mar 1980.

4. I enjoyed my school days, because we did not study anything.

5. I am single.

6. I have lived in these cities: Bangalore, Pondicherry and Chennai.

7. I rarely watch movies that are made here in India.

8. I hate it when people swear, I try my best not to.

9. I think I am an introvert.

10. I have tanned skin, black hair and black eyes.

11. I am not shy.

12. I respect woman and their rights.

13. I hate corruption.

14. I like reading short-stories.

15. I like reading science magazines; but cannot afford any, so, I read from nearby library.

16. I want to master photography, travel, learn new languages, write poems in tamil, sing like Enrique (Opera tenor)

17. Know Karate.

18. I want to start a website which lists the place and date where they give free food for people; it will be useful when I am broke.

19. I take occasionally coffee, especially the South-Indian blend made by my mom.

20. I do not smoke and I hate passive smoking.

21. I am not an alcoholic.

22. I am heterosexual.

23. I usually work late at night and wake up late in the morning.

24. I work out regularly to keep myself fit.

25. I eat in small portions.

26. I used to be obsessively hygienic, but can't be bothered now.

27. I am on Internet since 1998 and I am online most of the time but not on weekends.

28. I am a non-vegetarian, killing anything is bad except mosquitoes - they are bloody annoying.

29. Cholesterol is trying to dilute my O+ve

30. I do not like hot weather, but not much bothered, I can tolerate cold climate.

31. I would like to get married and have kids at my 30s.

32. I can't read and write Hindi; but cannot speak or understand too and I do not agree that Hindi is the national language of India.

33. 2 sisters = 2 siblings.

34. I had a life threatening accident when I was very young.

35. I do not encourage beggars.

36. I am some times contradictory.

37. I believe in God's creation.

38. I do believe in a religion and I trust that there is something that humans do not understand, for now I call it GOD.

39. I want to improve my vocabulary in English.

40. I want to be more polite and modest.

41. I cannot stand politics and politicians.

42. I need a border-less world.

43. It is 8 years now since I had taken outside food. I have started a working from 2004.

44. I hate people touch me, unless they are very very very close to me.

45. I feel bad if I speak about someone in his or her absence.

46. I like to meet people from different community, country.

47. If you have read up to this line, please drop me a line to; it makes me happy.

48. I am inarticulate and sometimes it is embarrassing.

49. I do not have any pets and would not mind having a dog.

50. I am not artistic.

51. I like listening to varieties of music as long as it is pleasant.

52. I am concerned what will happen to our mother planet in 20 years. I am concerned about the global warming.

54. I never missed an Election if I am in country.

55. I look like


56. I do have a mobile phone now.

57. I have no interest in watching or discussing sports (Cricket), but don't mind sweating it outdoor (only if there is no sun).

58. I am 5'08"

59. I used to have beard - sometimes full or goatee and mustache beard.

60. I hate shaving, its boring and waste of time, but still got to do.

61. I used to score 100% in all subjects but don't ask me why I got less marks in all the other exams at school.

62. Some how I managed to complete my education with my M. Sc. Botany from Madras Christian college

63. I have done my Ph.D. in Botany (highly commended)

64. I also got a MA degree in Sociology from Tamilnadu Open University - Studying is my passion.

65. My hobbies are watching night sky and walking along the seashores.

66. I love working in Internet and creating websites.

67. I hate the people addressing in singular.

68. I love to help in education matters to everyone.

69. I Think that living things are more interesting when they are extinct.

[The earlier, the better.]

70. I haven't yet tasted Beer or Brandy

71. I watch politics

72. I haven't Smoked yet

73. I roam in Super Splendor

74. I have a passion of electronic items.

75. I am an extrovert with rapid mood swings.

76. My motto is "Never Stop Even at the Top."

77. My favourite place is - any place where less humans and more of nature.

78. I used to attend Church regularly at Church of Jesus the lord (CSI), Tambaram West.

79. I am an active member of Jesus the Lord Youth Fellowship (JLYF)

80. I am also a member of Jesus the Lord Church Choir (JLCC) (Tenor)

81. Recently I enrolled a BCS (Bachelor of Christian Studies) degree from Senate of Serampore University - Passion towards religious studies.

82. I like to go in the forests and wilderness areas.
83. I like to see the plants, people and their relationship with their environment.
84. I like to learn other languages.
85. I have joined saxophone class to learn saxophone.
86. I am a member of local Pastorate Committee from 2011-2013.
87. I do have a laptop now.
87. I turn into the hulk when I'm hungry
88. I played Kho-kho and Kabaddi for my high school team
89. I played hockey for my higher secondary school hockey team
90. I use to have a terrible fear of public speaking
91. I hate being late (but can't help with it)
92. I honestly want to make everyone around me successful
93. When I eat, I always save the best piece for last

94. If I'm honest, I really mostly miss my friends.


95. I love to read.


96. I'm not good at handling change (but every time am fitted)


97. I was raised by my mother (My father has barely been involved in my life. Barely.)


98. I love exploring.


99. I prefer to be at home than anywhere.

100. I love to be around funny and intelligent people (Hope you’ll be there)


Thank you so much for reading my 100 facts.  I hope that you feel you know me at least a little bit better and I look forward to learning more about you.

Never Stop Even At The Top

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